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The New Clinic

The Original House

The original house and barn were built in 1823 as a federalist style house with a working farm. Thourghout the years, there have been numerous hard-working families with a love for animals that have called this house their home. Though we will not be living here, we live just up the road, still in Cobalt, and want to make sure this place remains a place that cherish the relationship between people and the animals we all love.

The Building Process

During the transition of this farm and house to Cobalt veterinary Clinic, we wanted to preserve the original colonial feel of the house which meant using the original portion and adding a post and beam section that would resemble a carriage house (the oak posts actually came from a local mill). And how could it be a working arm without any workers. so, we gathered up our three kids and put them to work. throughout the entire building process, the kids helped us repurpose as much o the original materials s possible, along with keeping a traditional New England farm theme.

The Finished Product

There is album of all the pictures of the construction process at the clinic. Feel free to take a look while you are waiting for your next appointment.

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